First Ever ‘Fresh From the Farmer’s Market’ Blog Carnival

February 5th, 2008  |  Published in Blog Carnival  |  2 Comments

What is a blog carnival?, you might ask–

According to Wikipedia, a blog carnival is a type of blog event. It is similar to a magazine, in that it is dedicated to a particular topic, and is published on a regular schedule, often weekly or monthly. Each edition of a blog carnival is in the form of a blog article that contains permalinks links to other blog articles on the particular topic.Anyhow, I’ve decided to start a new one to be hosted here on Modern Beet called ‘Fresh From the Farmer’s Market’ (more info if you follow the link).

If you have a blog and want to submit something for me to include, follow this other link and make a submission

Or, if you just have a recipe/photo/musing, etc. that you’d like to share (no blog necessary), send it my way — jen(at)modernbeet(dot)com.

Carnival 1: Submission Deadline is 11:59PM on Thursday Feb 28th
You can submit entries here.

Golden Beets from the San Carlos Farmer’s Market

About the Fresh From the Farmer’s Market Blog Carnival:
Farmer’s Markets are a fantastic source for fresh, seasonal, locally produced foods, and what’s better is they’re cropping up in more places than ever. Chances are there’s a market within 20 miles of your house.

Submit your recipes (original or from a cookbook/website/etc), writings, photography, etc. that feature a particularly delicious, unusual, or beautiful food that you found at the farmer’s market — the perfect heirloom tomato, a white wonder melon, wild sorrel, cardoon, a gooey Hachiya Persimmon, grass-fed beef, farm-fresh eggs, locally caught trout, raw milk, pomegranate jelly, apricot chipotle marinade — you get the idea!

At (or near the top) of the post you should list the location of the farmer’s market and the featured food(s) (and the farm/purveyor if you know). Submissions should be recent (i.e. within the last month, or at least from the current season–spring, fall, etc) so that the emphasis remains on fresh seasonal foods.

After I receive everyone’s submissions, I will post a ‘digest’ of the posts, including a permalink to your site. This is a great way to gain some exposure for your blog, as well as find other bloggers passionate about similar topics.

The Fresh From the Farmer’s Blog Carnival will take place monthly; submissions should be made on or before the last thursday of the month. The Carnival will be typically be published the following Tuesday.

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