Fresh From the Farmer’s Market Blog Carnival #5

July 7th, 2008  |  Published in Blog Carnival  |  8 Comments

It’s amazing how time flies — here we are already a week into July, and time for the next ‘Fresh From the Farmer’s Market’ blog carnival.  Thanks so much to everyone who took the time to submit an article for this month’s digest!


GoFrolic Tomato Salad
Photo from Go Frolic

Debs from Go Frolic sends a recipe for a super-delicious looking Summertime Tomato Salad.  Her tomato pictures will most certainly make your mouth water, and erase any patience you had waiting for your own tomatoes to be ready (ahem :) …)

Damaris from Within the Corners of My Kitchen sends a post about making the perfect pot of beans.  When done well, beans are incredibly delicious and healthful, though when done poorly are about as appetizing as a pile of dirt…  The moral — everyone should learn to make beans!  She adds garlic, onions, herbs, and… bacon!  I thought this was *my* secret to delicious beans!! :)

From My EpiKorean comes Bebop for Kimbap, a healthful, organic version Korean fast-food sushi.  If it has to do with sushi, count me in.  I’m particularly intrigued by the ‘Kickin Chicken’ roll….

Homemade Relish
Photo from Cincinnati Locavore

The Cincinnati Locavore sends a recipe for Garlic Mustard Dill Pickle Relish.  Perhaps it’s just that I am discovering pickling and preserving for the first time, but more and more people seem to be taking the plunge and preserving their own (often home-grown) food.  Delicious recipes like this are invaluable to the home pickler.  Thanks Valereee!

Lane from Vegan Bits shares her Love Affair with Quinoa, which I too share.  A lovely alternative to brown rice, quinoa can be prepared in an incredible number of ways.  In fact, I had mexican-style quinoa for lunch today (read: leftover taco meat + quinoa… oddly delicious!)

Ellen from Health Freedom Coaching sent a collection of recipes for Wild Dandelion, a powerhouse wild green.  I love dandelion greens, though it’s possible I negate any healthful properties by adding thick sliced bacon whenever I make it!  The combination is my guilty pleasure… :)  Ellen writes, “Dandelions are still in season if you know where to find them. In this article I so enjoyed writing, some personal dandelion lore, unique recipes for dandelion greens and hints on where you can still find succulent leaves. As well, storage suggestions and ‘dandelion detox’ procedure to rinse away environmental toxins.”

Kalva from Curry in Kadai sends a recipe that is close to my ‘Modern Beet’ heart — Spicy Beets and Pea Curry! — it’s rare that I come across a beet preparation that I’ve never heard of before, but spicy beet curry is most certainly new to me!  I’ll definitely be trying it!

Suzanne from Adventures in Daily Living sends a recipe for Awesome Fruit Crisp that looks absolutely delicious!  Plums are coming into season around where I live, and I imagine this would be a delicious manifestation of the recipe.


Ametrine from Ways to Simplify submits Gardening for a Sustainable Planet, a lovely discussion of gardening, the role of technology, feelings of separation from the earth, and locavorism — as a software engineer, I can identify with the sentiment that though technology enables us to do many things, it also has the potential to alienate people from the earth which for millennia has sustained us.


Strawberries for Jam
Photo from Green Me

Alison from Green Me sends a timely post discussing her adventures making organic strawberry jam, entitled ‘Living la Vida Local’.  A farm just down the road from me started their U-pick about two weeks ago, and I envision myself picking fresh berries to make homemade strawberry jam very soon…  For anyone near Longmont, CO, she writes ‘Monroe Farms also sells at the Longmont, CO farmer’s market, but they allow CSA members to pick their own strawberries, and we could not miss such a sweet opportunity! ‘

Walter from Highlight Health sends an article entitled ‘The Upside of High Food Prices’.  With the price of ‘regular’ food going up, the disparity between it and organic/local becomes less pronounced, perhaps leading more people to give SOLE ( S.ustainable O.rganic L.ocal E.thical) food a try.

Shaheen from Brain Blogger sends an article discussing the possible link between food additives and hyperactivity.  So many health problems have arisen due to our overly-processed, additive-filled food supply that I wouldn’t be surprised at all if food additives were linked to hyperactivity… sheesh!  what is it going to take for people to get back to eating ‘real food’?

Thank you very much to everyone who participated this month!  I thoroughly enjoyed reading all of the submissions!  The deadline for the next ‘Fresh From the Farmer’s Market’ carnival will be at 11:59PM on Friday August 1st.  You can submit entries here

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