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Chard Stem Gratin

February 19th, 2008  |  by  |  published in All, Chard, Cheese, Delectable Dairy, Food Politics and Issues, Garlic, Honorable Herbs, Most Popular, Parsley, Succulent Spices, Tomatoes, Veritable Vegetables, Weeknight Recipes

Chard Stem Gratin

Chard stems!? In a recipe?! Grimace. What?! Huh?! Chard stems were something that always went straight from the cutting board to the garbage can until I came across this preparation method in Alice Water’s…

Locavorism and Family Gathering

January 2nd, 2008  |  by  |  published in All, Food Politics and Issues, Most Popular

I come from a family of cooks and eaters. My family gatherings center around the preparation of big, special meals. Every dinner is a production, from planning the menu to gathering the ingredients, to cooking the…

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