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Polpettone: Italian Stuffed Meatloaf

I daydream a lot about cooking during the week, especially when I’m on the train. Its rhythmic click-clack, the morning fog, and a warm cup of coffee are just the right combination for daydreaming about things I want to cook. During the week not so many of those dreams become reality, but during the weekend […]

Oeufs Mollets Estragon

The path to contentment on a Sunday morning for me involves good coffee, a little sunshine, perfectly toasted bread, and eggs with golden runny yolks…

A New Look for Modern Beet!

Nearly two and half years ago I started this blog with a lot of enthusiasm for cooking and a just a little knowledge about website design. Fast forward to today…

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Cardoon Gratin

There is only one vendor that sells cardoon at my farmer’s market, and they display the stalks in a gigantic flower vase. Every time I walk past this stand, I think of Tim Burton…

Five Spice Orange Preserves

These preserves are the result of a co-worker’s citrus bounty from his backyard tree. He brought in a bag of delicious, juicy oranges a few days ago, and I was the happy recipient…

Fresh Buttermilk Cheese with Lemon and Thyme

There is no cheese that I enjoy more than high quality, handmade ricotta. For years I poo-poo’d it because all I had ever tasted was the shelf stable, strangely homogeneous, fairly tasteless, mass-produced grocery store variety. And then a few years ago…

Roasted Crab with Fennel and Orange

Here it is, the end of Dungeness crab season and I am *finally* getting around to posting this delicious roasted crab recipe… don’t walk… RUN to get the last…

David Tanis’ Beets

For a blog named after beets, it’s been far too long since I featured a recipe based on my favorite root vegetable. The occasion for these…

Orange, Pomelo, Lemon and Ginger Preserves

Yesterday I inaugurated my new canning equipment — a huge 12 quart stockpot, a canning funnel, a magnetic lid lifter, and a bright red rubber coated jar lifter. Joy! Granted…

Savoy Cabbage Gratin with Saint-Marcellin

One of the best parts of my recent move has been unpacking the multiple boxes of cookbooks that I sealed up and put into storage before leaving for Germany. At the time I thought I was putting my “second tier” books…

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